• Hi all!

    I have successfully implemented OpenVPN and IPv6. When my windows/linux machines connect, they get fully working ipv6 connectivity.
    I have problems with Android devices. TUN adapter on android gets IPv6 but it`s not used.
    I think it has something to do with Android 4.4.X not supporting DHCPv6 client IPv6 assigments….
    Is it possible to implement somehow stateless ip config on android via OpenVPN?

    Also on my internal WIFI Android does not use IPv6 if RA is set to managed. If set to Assisted, then it all works as intended...


  • If you are running Android 4.4.x you will encounter a bug related to the tun0 interface.

    After setting up the OpenVPN connection you are able to ping6 the Android 4.4.x device from your server, but you cannot ping6 the server or other IPv6 targets from your Android 4.4 device. This bug doesn't occur in Android 4.3 (And earlier?) and occurs in all Android 4.4.x versions including 4.4.2. There is no known workaround for this issue except hoping on a fix in Android 4.4.3.