Open vpn setup

  • hi all,

    i provide the link below to a walk-through on how to setup the open vpn

    i was wondering instead of using the open vpn client export utility to connect, could i use a vpn client on my iphone or android phone to connect?

  • You may use any ovpn compatible client you want. The client export tool has several options to export config an certificates only.

  • mmm, damn, windows phone 8 dont have open vpn on the app store

    is there another vpn server i could use on pfsense?

  • There are also IPSec, L2TP and PPTP servers available.
    However, as far as I know, there should be OVPN compatible clients available for Windows phones also.

  • got it working by following the walk-through

    i tried to install the openVPN client as a standalone (through their website) and couldn't get it to connect to my openVPN server, can this be done?, or do you need to use the config-file that you download from the "client export tab" which i did and it worked straight away by running the exe on my computer and entering in my username/password

  • I've always had good success using the Client Export Utility, the only hitch being the particular device you use to access the Utility might not recognize that it needs to download/import the certificates.  For a Windows device, it's usually just a matter of downloading and executing the .exe for the client (using the appropriates rights under Windows).  I don't have a Windows Phone, so I can't say if it has any quirks about how this install is supposed to happen.

    If you've found a technique that works, just stick with it (until it doesn't work)  ;)

  • Don't know about you robina80, but if you can get the tunnel up and running OpenVPN to your provider, then every device connecting with your PFsense Box will go out through the tunnel, as I understand it the OpenVPN client is by default bound to the WAN…..........

    Basically the way mine worked...(before the GREAT CRASH....and Decent Recovery) is that ANY device present on my Network that went to the Internet thru my Box, Went thru the tunnel.

    In my case I need to get mine back up and configured to EXCLUDE every device except a select few from going out the tunnel.........If it wasn't for the other half's soap's on Hulu and CBS I'd LOVE for everything to go out the tunnel............Women!!!!

    I know that doesn't do you any good when away from home....
    You can set up IPSec, L2TP and PPTP like divsys said....buuuuttt I don't think you can use them all at Once.

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