How to let one AP pass captive portal

  • Hello
    I have several AP (Buffalo with DD-WRT). All AP have disabled DHCP and get IP from Pfsense.
    I also have CP activated. All works very well for several years.

    Now i have a need of one AP too always pass CP. I have tried to get clients to pass the CP but the only solution
    i can find is too activate DHCP. That is a bad solution because i lose the possibility too handle clients in pfsense.

    Is there any solution for this problem?

    In the future when i switch router i will put in optional interface for wan and let the traffic pass without CP for
    the AP.

  • I can't think of how you would accomplish this without either…

    1.) turning on DHCP at the access point
    2.) adding another interface to pfSense to connect the AP to
    3.) adding a managed switch and creating a VLAN (not sure steps, but think you could do it.) attaching the AP to the appropriate port.

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