MBUF rising steadilly using vmxnet2 NIC

  • So, I have increased buffer limits, and made sure that the NICs are working, however, eve on this test VM running PFsense 2.1.4, the mBUF value climbs steadily.

    Also, this firewall has NO TRAFFIC going over it.

    There is not any indication that it won't go back to 100% like it did before I increased the limit.

    Any thoughts here?

    I have two other 2.1.4 firewalls running physically, just fine.

  • Are you using the openVMtools package? I had the same problem with that package when using the vmxnet2 driver. I suggest just using E1000, PCI-Passthrough (if available), or installing the current Vmware tools and using their driver. This package seems to be old and buggy.

  • I am using the VMware tools from VMware.

    The ESXi server is fully patched to the latest version and the tools are also at the latest version for ESX 4.one

  • Anyone care to take a stab at this?

    I cannot use this solution if i cannot solve this problem.

  • Does it show the same behaviour if you use an E1000 or VMXNET3 NIC?

  • I'll clone the machine and switch it over to e1000.

    However, the CPU usage will go up significantly as a result.

    Lets see

  • There are some docs online about how to get VMXNET3 working with FreeBSD 8.3, but I've never tried and don't know if pfSense would pick the cards up or not.

  • Please remember that this is VMXNET2 on ESXi 4.1u3.

    Which isn't capable of vmxnet3.

  • Sorry, I didn't remember.  I moved off of 4.x a while ago.

  • That's fine, I just wanted to ensure your suggestions are relevant to my issue.

  • I guess it's possible the problem would be resolved on a more recent 5.x Vmware release. Are you tied to 4.x? Why not upgrade to the latest?

    I did test your scenario with native Vmware tools (Vmxnet3) on 5.5 and didn't have mBuf problems. I did have Mbuf problems with vmxnet2 on 5.1 and 5.5 when using openVMtools … I didn't try Vmxnet2 with 5.1 or 5.5 (native Vmware tools).

    I'm using Vt-d right now , so no longer able to test vmx NICs.

  • The equipment I'm using as stated above is a Proliant DL360 G4p.  the highest ESXi version is can run is 4.1u3.

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