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  • Before every one starts pulling out their hair please hear me out. I am coming from years of ddwrt and tomato but decided to build a pfsense router from an old computer. Coming from ddwrt to pfsense is a little overwhelming. I game on a ps4 with Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4. I need dire help in setting up anything and everything possible on pfsense to give me the most optimized settings for gaming. I know I asking a lot but after three days of reading article after article and trying to set up things myself I want to just start new with help from those who know what they are doing. Like I said I have done my research and pointing me to guides will not help, because I am a quick learner but can't wrap my head around what needs to be done for gaming. My cable internet speeds are ~50mbps down and ~12mbps up. I have a ddwrt buffalo router connected to the pfsense computer for wireless with dhcp and upnp disabled on the buffalo router. I am not sure what other information you might need?

  • The only thing that I can think of to help gaming is traffic shaping. I do not use this feature, but you may want to check out those forums while waiting for a response.

  • Other information might include whether or not you're having an actual problem in need of solving…  ;D

    Sounds like you have a standard home LAN setup.  Having a router behind a router can unnecessarily complicate things though.  Perhaps get a wireless card for the pfSense box and make it the AP instead of the Buffalo.

    Otherwise, what was the problem again?

  • I have checked and done some traffic shaping myself and its not working too well for me. If someone has a configuration setup for traffic shaper and firewall rules for gaming and would show me pictures of their configuration that would help.
    KOM i dont think the buffalo is affecting it that much since its acting as a bridge for wireless and my ps4 is running through ethernet connection.
    Is there a way to lower ping or latency through pfsense? can you tell me steps on how to do so please?

  • Everything "depends".  How many people are you sharing the link with?  Are you trying to do a LAN party, or just share one WAN with several people having general usage patterns?  Is it just you and a VoIP phone?  Are you looking to classify certain game traffic above other game traffic?  Knowing more about your situation and what you're really trying to do would help a lot.

  • At any given time there are probably a max of 4 or 5 connections. when i game there are probably only 2 connections and my ps4. i want to give my game traffic priority over everything else on my network because everything else is basically web browsing, youtube and email. no one really downloads or uses torrents in my house.  what i want to do is allow my game traffic to have the max priority without drops. currently i randomly get drops, i just checked queue under status and had 971 drops. I dont know if that is excessive or not but I am sure that doesn't help my connection that much. do you think that giving game packets priority will help with lag and delay? i read up on buffer bloat and how that can affect your connection by slowing it down, it there anything to do about that on pfsense? i want to fully optimize the pfsense box to reduce router lag is possible? Maybe you can help me figure what i need to do because i am at a stand still right now. i dont know where to turn to. I have a static ip for ps4, i have ports forwarded with firewall rules. i even setup upnp properly through the pfsense doc but nothing seems to help.

  • What kind of shaper do you have, and how do you have it configured?  Sounds like you just need a basic PRIQ shaper with rules such that your PS4 IP address traffic goes into the top queue. ALl other traffic takes a backseat.  Any drops should only be on the other queue and not your game queue.  Why are you using port forwarding?  Usually that's only required for incoming unsolicited connections.  I admit I know nothing of PS4 gaming and required network config.

  • forgive me for lacking, but can you tell me or show me the ps4 rule? if you could create such a rule and attach a picture of it here that would me awesome. i set it to priq and have ques for ack games and default on wan and ack link and games on lan. my games queue has top priority with 7 and ack is at 6 and default at 3. so since my games are top queue how can i make sure all ps4 traffic should fall into this queue. i have floating rules for all ports for the ps4. for tcp i set the queues to ack/game. is that correct? or should i leave out ack and have (nothing)/game. for udp ports i have them set to (nothing)/game queues.

  • First,. get rid of all your floating rules.  Then create two floating rules like this:

    Action: Match
    Protocol: TCP/UDP
    Source: Single host or alias, pump in the IP address of your PS4. Click Advanced and set ports to any
    Destination port range: any
    Ackqueue/Queue: Click Advanced, select qACK/qGames
    Click Save

    Then make another rule that is exactly the same, but use

    Source: any
    Source port range: any
    Destination: Single host or alias, pump in the IP address of your PS4
    Destination port range: any
    Click Save

    Click Apply changes

    Monitor your queue to see your PS4 traffic going in to it.

    If you want to really be slick, create an alias for your PS4 IP address and then use the alias instead of the IP in any rule.

  • I dont know what happened but all my traffic goes through default and qlink instead of game and ack

  • Make sure that you haven't set Action to Pass, which is normally what you would set in a firewall rule.  Floating rules require Match, not Pass.  Post a screenshot of your floating rules page, and the details of one rule that isn't working.  Maybe a shot of your queues too.

  • i used a traffic shaper config xml and restored someone else's with it and it seems to help. can you help optimize and fix latency KOM?

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