Captive portal error

  • i have changed the provider and i made all the conf. necessary for the pf to work and hes working but only the captive portal not. I have edited manualy the html file and ive changed to the old gateway to the new gateway but still not working.
    Anyone know how to make the captive portal to take the new config automatically without to edit the old one??Maybe the default one will be good but i dont know how to do that without a reset to factory defaults

  • what version of PF?
    you can cut the code:

    and put it into the portal content to test.

    When you change provider, only the WAN IP changes so that does not effect the portal which uses the LAN interface IP address.
    If you do NAT, then look under the firewall/NAT/Outbound and make sure the rule is correct.

  • ive changed all including lan ips because we are using BGP and with this provider we have another AS number. Anyway i noticed that after i made all the changes needed in conf for PF working, in the source code of captive portal page was the old ip`s and in that case i edited the page with the new one and still not working.My question is for one of the PF developers because they know what can be thea reason.

  • does your portal use SSL (https) ?
    do you use IP address or FDQN ?
    you may want to look there as well.

  • no my cp is not using ssl and i have static ip adress

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