Better open vmware tools or original vmware tools?

  • as is object

    My release is the 2.1.4 (amd64)


  • From what I have read, the genuine VMware Tools from VMware performs better than open-vm-tools, and is updated much more regularly.

  • tnx for your reply.

    i will try to install genuine vmware tool on last pfsense version.
    But, in the future can i found problems?
    are not open vmware tool official pfsense, right?


  • Will you have problems in the future?  I can't say because my psychic hat is in the shop for repair.

    Open-vm-tools is just another open source package.  It is not pfSense-official in that they didn't create it and don't update it, probably just repackage it for pfSense's custom config.

  • Will you have problems in the future?  I can't say because my psychic hat is in the shop for repair.


    ok, i will try to install the genuine vmware tools, tnx kom


  • ehm…. maybe you know some tutorial for pfsense 2.4.1....

    in this moment, when i add the command "pkg_add -r perl compat6x-uname -m" i received this error:  Broken pipe...... Mmhhhhhhh :'(

  • I have had mixed results when installing packages directly from  Sometimes they work, and sometimes they completely break your system.  Be warned, and have a backup ready.  I learned this the hard way, but I do everything virtually so recovery was easy.

    What were you trying to do?

  • i am trying to install vmware tools, with the official tutorial on… but......
    i cannot find the packages-8.3-release
    It says: unable to fetch....

  • Ah yes.  8.3 is so old now that FreeBSD has moved those packages somewhere else, if I remember from a forum post over the past week or so.  You might try the 8.4 release branch if you like to live dangerously but I wouldn't recommend it.

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    Take a look at this thread. They just moved 8.3 to archive, and as per JIMP, don't use 8.4 as it can severely break things:

  • ok guy, tnx for your reply, but my english is very, very, VERY (very, have i already say it??) pooooor…  :'( but i'm learning it, take hope!!! (take hope??? is right?)

    however, i understand that: 8.3 is old, but 8.4 is the devil. So, i don't must install 8.4.... right?

    So, how i can do? use open vmware tools in this moment? or stand by?

    Sorry for the difficulties, in my farm the pfsense is a critical component and i am a little nob (but i think that pfsense is simply great!.... and free..... :D )

    Tnx all

  • Hey, no problem.  I was just making a joke  :D

    Just use the open-vm-tools package in the list of pfSense packages and you should be fine.

  • ok, i will install it, in the future i will check in this forum if there are some news, ok?

    Tnx kom and BBcan177, it was a pleasure



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