NAT+ MAC filtering rules

  • My situation is this, I need to access a service behind a Public static IP, but thinking about security:

                            NAT with PORT FORWARD

    the NAT RULE work:

    WAN 	TCP/UDP 	* 	* 	WAN address 	5555 	SINGLEHOST 	destport

    I've added the rules in the WAN tab with:

    IPv4 TCP/UDP 	* 	* 	SINGLEHOST 	destport		* 	none  TO DEST	  
    IPv4 TCP/UDP 	* 	* 	WAN address 	        5555         	* 	none  TO BE NATTED

    and everything seems to be ok.

    Are there any chances to add MAC filter to WAN address incoming connections?

  • The MAC address of incoming WAN packets will always be the MAC address of your upstream router. MAC addresses are layer 2 and do not get routed.

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