Bug: CP accepts user with Maximum usage exceeded

  • cp + radius. Pfsense is in VM.
    CP is still accepting a user with radius response :" Maximum usage exceeded". But on on other machines it will not accept and show the error message. I change the ip of the machine then try to authenticate again in the captive portal, now the error is displayed "Maximum usage exceded". Then I cahnge back the IP and again it is accepted. The previous IP was previously added to the Allowed IP address list in CP. I think it has somethingd to do with it.

  • Hi

    I have a similar problem. I'm using captive portal with an external radius server. The radius is running ZeroShell. I was previously using only ZS on this particular installation but now I have the need to incorporate pfSense. The two machine are talking to each other without a hassle. Problem is that when I use ZS captive portal it will deny access to a user with no credit but when pfSense is that captive portal there is no denail of service, the ZS user account runs well into the negative. I've tried data limits, time limits and cost limits, non of them seem to make a difference to pfSense. I'm using the default login page, could it be the way that pfsense authenticates? in that it submits credentials and only queries of they are correct?

    I have interum updates on, re-authenticate every minute, and use radius session time out. None of this is making a difference to the access of "unusable" accounts.
    Perhaps I should replace the pfsense login page with the ZS one? the form submission is very different.

    Help with this will be greatly appreciated.

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