Wireless Speed, what em i doing wrong?

  • Hello dear pfSenser's!

    Im trying to setup my wifi to work good, but i havent succeeded in some time, fiddled around with about every setting there is to get it to work i think.
    Its an Atheros card, can check specific model if needed.

    But what em i missing? for like an year ago i got good speeds 54 mbit or something like that atleast, then after some update or something i lost my settings i think and now i cant figure out again how to set it up to get speeds up again, havent been using wireless much more then on the phone last year, but now i got myself a new laptop and because of that i want to get my wifi up and running fully again :)

    Atached Cat6 and wireless speedtest from bredbandskollen.se, its quite a BIG difference ;)

  • wired is always going to be faster than wireless. what is your signal levels? keep in mind lower the signal level slower the speed. you may also want to check if there is any possible signal bleed in the area of the wifi.if there is you can try changing the wireless channel.

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