Newbie: regular filtering method not working

  • I want to block certain website via aliases and rules method. I can't get it to work.

    I am running on single NIC and WAN only. No LAN assigned to the interface because my machine only installs one NIC.

    I set my default gateway on my machine same with the pfsense ip address.
    Then I tried to add  the alias (for e.g youtube and add as the host type) and finally set it as rules under the firewall settings . The youtube rule is placed in after the WAN rule.

    I tried navigate to and still able to access it. (without http/https).

    The odd thing that I noticed along the way is that sometimes certain page also loads slower and shown server not found error. But then after that, I can access those pages. The pages include, and

    I don't understand what is going on here. what is the proper way of doing it? please help and thanks.

    -Total noob-

  • You haven't mentioned anything about VLANs with your single NIC. Have you made sure that your computer is actually using PFSense as the gateway?

  • I think my computer is actually using PFSense as the gateway, bacause now I am using WAN as the interface only, whatever the rules that are made on the WAN is implied. first time I set the proto to TCP, but that prevented me from accessing any web page (the error is taking too long to reload) but the web configurator.

    One thing weird though is that the proto, source, gateway all have to set to any in the WAN rules. Then I can access other websites including the webconfig but with occasionally failed connection to the server (websites cannot find server). It works most of the time.

    my WAN is re0. when I set the VLAN, I have to assign the same too (i.e re0)??

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