Hardware Firewall Vs. PFsense Captive portal

  • Please refer to the diagram attached. My issue is that whenever i use pfsense as my firewall. mac filtering is not working it always prompt for username and password or voucher. The gateway is the router, however if I make pfsense as the gateway it will work but printing is not working when portal is up.

    ANy advise ? thanks.
    ![Network Configuration.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network Configuration.jpg)
    ![Network Configuration.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network Configuration.jpg_thumb)

  • Hi,

    Strange place for a firewall.
    Normally, The SonicWall or pfSEnse should be there where your 'router' is.
    Where are your Portal clients connected ? Are you using access points ?

    The portal interface works on what interface ?

    You're talking about "printing", does this mean (Windows) network printing ?
    Your are aware that most clients will chose "Public network" when they connect their Windows device to a Wifi Portal network. This means that their own firwall will not permit any communication, except for the one that goes to the gateway (your pfSEnse box) so it will not 'see' any local- other devices as "other clients" or "other devices" on that network segment.

  • Router, Firewall/PFsense reside in the same segment. They meet at the switch.  Captive portal is implemented in one of the VLAN . Whenever I enable the portal printing does not work and this is is windows.

    Also another finding is that when I used Sonicwall,  mac address filtering is working without using SOnicwall as the default gw for client. But when I use PFSense and enable portal mac filtering is not working it always prompt for username and password.

    Client is not connecting in public network they are connected on the lan network.

    Can you advise me on this.

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