Cannot copy files through Site to Site

  • Hi All
    Recently I set up this configuration.

    Site –------------to -------------Site VPN
    Machine A -----> Pfsense A ------> Router -------> Pfsense B -------> Machine B

    Now in Status --> OpenVPN, the site to site registers as UP. Machine A can ping machine B and I can remote desktop to machine B from machine A. When I try to copy a file from machine A to B, I can't. The Firewall log on Pfsense A shows that Pfsense A is blocking a TCP Reply from Machine B. Even when I put an allow all rule on the openvpn tab of the firewall of pfsense A, the logs still shows the TCP Reply as blocked.

    I can't figure out why this is being blocked. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • How about an allow rule on pfsense B? ;-)

  • Yes sorry I should have mentioned. On pfsense B I also had put in a rule on the openvpn tab to pass all IPv4 protocols but still nothing.

  • Strange but I just happened to notice that the vmware router was configured to simulate a slow link. Changed it to unlimited and the copy started to work. Happy for that but it still doesn't explain the firewall logs though. Will have to try and figure that out separately.

    Thanks for the reply.

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