Captive Portal Enabled, PFsense Begins to Block all Traffic after several days

  • I have a pfsense install on a core 2 duo, 2gb ram intel box. It runs continuously without problems unless I enable captive portal.  Captive portal and the firewall operate as expected after a reboot and will continue to operate for some time after the reboot, could be 3 days sometimes a week, but eventually the firewall for no reason that I can tell begins blocking all traffic… well I shouldn't say firewall, none of the firewall logs show it is blocking packets, but in troubleshooting I try to ping from the firewall all lan/guestlan addresses and it comes back 100% loss. I try disabling each interface and reenabling it and it doesn't fix it. Although worth noting, when this is happening, if I disable the WAN and reenable it, it can't even get an ip address from the ISP.  To this point the only solution I have found that resolves the issue is a reboot.  If I turn the Captive portal off, it will run indefinitely.

  • did you allow the IP or Subnet you want to ping in captive portal ?

  • The portal log shows connect and disconnect messages ?
    Any other messages ?

    Drop in over here check if that is your issue.

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