Need help on understanding squid cli

  • I am stuck in the following issues:
    How can I edit the squid.conf file via the pfsense shell?
    I tried type in /usr/local/pkg/squid/ but the shell said that no such file or directory exists. so I executed ls command and found out that no usr directory even exist.

    Isn't it should be created automatically when I first installed the squid package?
    Also I noticed that logdir and dbhome for my squid package does not exist when I use the pfsense cli. Is it because I didn't enable logging in squid package??

    I know the alternate solution is to edit the file via web config gui… but I want to know if I ever edit it that way, will it be saved after the squid service restarted?
    because I navigate to proxy filter squidguard: log page and I saw several options like blocked, filtergui log, filter log, where I can see that the files are editable but there was no any option to save (no save button) the changes.

    Please help and thanks.

  • I suspect that you're making this harder than it needs to be.  What is it specifically that you're trying to do?

  • @KOM I want to modify the squid.conf because my access to the internet is denied and I read somewhere else that I have to modify the squid configuration file manually to access it but the thing is my pfsense said there were no such directories exist. And also after pfsense bootup, there is warning about my squidguard package that I want to change.

    as root, when I tried to enter /usr directory and it said that permission is denied.

    For additional info, I attached my squid access to internet error.

  • First off, changes you make via are saved and will persist through a reboot. It would be kind of silly to do otherwise.  Edits via shell are likely to be overwritten by the GUI, depending on the package and config.

    Is this a brand new installation of pfSense?  Your problems appear to be deeper than Squid and SquidGuard.

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