PfSense not seeing my Access Point?

  • I am pretty new to pfSense and this is my first time trying to set up wireless

    I have a router that I have already changed to AP mode, and I would like to add it as an OPT1 interface on pfSense.. but I just don't see anywhere where I can do that in the web gui… I just don't see where I can add an OPT1 interface

    The APs WAN port is connected to the same switch that my pfSense is on too.

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    Does your pfsense have another physical interface?

  • You Must have 2 physical interfaces for pfsense to work.

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    What are you going to add as opt1?  If you don't have more than 1 interface?

    While sure you can run multiple vlans on 1 physical interface - trying to run wan, lan and wlan all over 1 interface not really optimal solution.

    Creating a opt would require something to assign it too - what are you going to assign it too? If you don't have more than 1 physical interface - you can assign to same interface I guess..  But that is going to be cluster!! if you ask me.

    In a normal setup pfsense should have 2 interfaces at min.  One for the wan and one for the lan - you could then run vlans on those physical interfaces.  But your talking more complicated setup.  If you want pfsense to be the firewall/router between internet/wan - lan and a wlan I would suggest you have 3 physical interfaces.

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