Fatal trap 9 in KVM environment

  • Hi.
    I'm running pfSense for some time now, since 2.0.something it has always been running without issues. With the latest 2.1 releases I'm very rarely running into crashes. Today I managet do catch one:

    Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode
    Stopped at rn_match+0x25: cmpw $0,0x10(%r13)

    The VM is configured with VirtIO disks, emulated e1000 network cards.
    Any hint on what it could be? Where to look at?

  • I'd suspect VirtualBox first, especially in light of their woeful QA practices.  Don't try the latest 4.2.14 if you want your VMs to actually work.

    I ge tthis with pfSense every now & then.  A reboot usually fixes it.

  • Thanks but I'm not on VirtualBox, I'm using KVM.
    Sadly this pfSense is in my office, where often nobody is there to reboot the firewall in case of kernel panic :(

  • This happens out of the blue?  I've only ever seen it on bootup.  I know jack about KVM, but it's the exact same crash that I see in VB.

    On second glance, I think I was getting fatal trap 12, not 9.  Are you running pfSense 2.1.4?

  • Yeah running the latest.
    On other deployments I didn't upgrade above 2.1.2 I think and those firewalls are running since months.
    Mine, always upgraded, has crashed twice since 2.1.3 (approximately)

  • Hmm no idea other than downgrading and then check stability over the course of weeks/months.  Does KVM have any HA abilities, heartbeat checking, auto reboot on hang or anything like that?

  • not by itself, but can be implemented in some way.
    Thanks for your support. I will try to gather the informations for a bugreport.

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