2.1.4 Wireless AP Help

  • Just got a Rosewill RNX-G300LX Wireless access card to put in my pfsense box to create a WAP. It has a Ralink RT2561 and Ralink RT2527

    I got it in the computer and it is seen by pfsense and i got most everything setup.
    But when i connect to it i get a IP from the Router but i cant get to the internet.
    Below is a picture of the Dashboard, Interfaces,Rules for Wireless, and Bridge.

  • What IP are you pulling? Remember 169.254.x.x is auto config. You need to set an IP on that interface or bridge it to your lan. I never bridged an interface so maybe that is what that up arrow means? Can you ping the firewall? Can you see the firewall's mac address in your comuters arp table? (command: arp -a)

  • I am pulling my lan addresses 192.168.1.***.

    Im trying to bridge to lan where wired works fine.

    I will try pining next.

  • I cant ping pfsense thought the wireless but i can see the wireless card mac address on pfsense. I would really like help getting this to work.

  • ping will require a new rule allowing ICMP. Your TCP rule won't pass it.

    Status -> System Logs -> Firewall will show ping being blocked.

  • Maybe forget the bridging, which just adds complication, until you can get the thing working. Sometimes I wonder why people bother with bridging anyway. Is it so awful to have different IPs on different networks? Perhaps I am missing something.

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