OpenVPN Client - Multiple Server hosts or addresses

  • Hi,

    Just trying to figure out if the below is possible.

    I want to create an OpenVPN client connection. The VPN company I use has multiple locations around the world. With the windows client is a click to change to a different country.
    Is there any way in PFSense that one can define multiple hosts/addresses and have them change via a predefined schedule?

    For example the schedule will change the VPN server I connect to every 24 hours so on Mondays I connect to the US VPN server, Tuesday to Holland, etc you get the idea.

  • Hi MnM,

    Should be possible if pfSense supports the OpenVPN configuration. You will use rules to decide which VPN tunnel that the traffic will be routed out (routing-based policy). And combined with schedules, you can create several rules, where one rule is active at a specified time and the others inactive. The caveat is that all the tunnels must have a different gateway address (which it probably has, since it's different parts of the world).

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