Slow web gui; just started happening

  • Before I get asked, I did look at other posts related to slow web gui and none of those pertain to me.

    Not really sure why, but all of a sudden the web gui is really slow to any command. Even login is slow and any clicks take average of 30 seconds to load. All the stats say everything is fine. Plenty of disk space, memory, etc. Nothing in the logs.

    Like most people I dont log in often and havent in almost 6 months. I only logged in because all of a sudden the DHCP server stopped working. Not sure if its related but cant do much with slowness of GUI. I even updated to the lates release of pfsense just make sure it wasnt a bug I was hitting.

    Hardware: Soekris 6501-70
    CPU Type: Genuine Intel(R) CPU @ 1.60GHz 2 CPUs: 1 package(s) x 1 core(s) x 2 HTT threads
    PFSense Ver: 2.1.4-RELEASE (i386)

  • In case anyone else runs into this issue, it turned out the slowness was cause because of the primary LDAP server defined for user authentication wasnt able to return results which was causing all loads/calls to be inherently slow.

  • What exactly did you do then?

  • FCIS, Spot on. This was my problem also.

    Anybody else experiencing a slow GUI, it will be this or unresolvable DNS servers

  • I am seeing slow GUI response up to needing serial logon and Webconfigurator to restart.
    Not using LDAP, however.
    Does anyone know if there are any tweaks that can be done in the advanced settings or otherwise
    to hasten the response time ?
    I am running a new SG-4860 box.


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