Proxy on transparent mode

  • Hi,

    I'm new here and this is my 1st post.

    I've configure proxy in my pfsense firewall and if i use no-transparent mode it works. but after I enable and use transparent mode it seems like not working cause when I go to it says "This request appears NOT to have come via a proxy."

    So I tried to use proxy features under HAVP and disable squid transparent mode but still not working,

    Need your kind help here.


  • I recently had a similar problem with running pfsense +squid from virtualbox. The solution for me was to go to interfaces/assign/vlans  and then add 1 vlan for my virtual ethernet adapter acting as the lan and assign a numerical tag.  I honestly don't know the reason for this but it worked for me. I would much rather run without vlans.

    Do you have custom firewall rules?

    I also needed to add rules for squid + havp. So, if you were to use the default squid and havp ports you would need a Lan net to 3128 and 3310.  That's only if you have custom rules but maybe you left them as default for now.

    One time I just had to wait for squid to do it's thing and it just started working.

    So, I guess the question is: How are you running pfsense? Hardware, Vmware, Virtualbox etc….

    What I do to check if it is working or not is to look at pftop under diagnostics. Then I go to a port 80 website to test it. If I see a  3128 and  3310 come up on the pftop list then I know it is working.

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