Captive portal network

  • when users login to captive portal, can guest direct to a different network while employee using captive portal direct to office network?

  • Hi.

    Use a NIC (OPT2) with a portal acces for your 'guests'.
    Put a AP in your LAN with WPA2 activatred. YOur emplyee uses this AP to connect to your LAN, no pfsense needed for that. And: he will be in the same subnet, so shareing rescources (Windows PCs, others) work straight away.

    Or, share the same captive portal, bind the MAC of the PC of your employee to a reserved IP, and use firewall rules so that he can access local resources.

    Btw: your portal interface is running on your
    LAN ?
    OPT1 ?

    Be careful: if your portal interface is on your LAN (bas idea) and your Office network is also on the LAN, then 'guests' can easily access office network resources, because traffic doesn't flow through the pfsense firewall. They do not need to be connected to the portal Interface to access the local network segment.

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