$5 Captive Portal + Mac Authentication + RADIUS

  • I know in m0n0wall there was an option on how to send the radius as a username (with :, without :, and with -)

    I was wondering if you could implement that.

    Also,  when I add a username to my Active Directory environment with the mac address xx:xx etc  my radius sees it trying to login but sends a rejection.  My remote policy allows a group and the mac address username is in that group.  Also I am sure the password is correct.

    any ideas?

  • make sure your MAC format use small letters (a-z) not capital one (A-Z)

  • tried it as all lower case and windows 2003 server IAS does not auth correctly using the mac xx:xx:xx:xx

  • We need to port a change from m0n0wall to fix this, which will be done for 1.3 and is on the must-have list for that release.

    Moving this to "completed bounties", though it isn't yet, because it definitely be completed. If you would like to submit the $5, feel free to do so when the release is available.

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