Connecting Muliple Sites with Metro Ethernet

  • Hey everyone,

    The agency I work for is in the process of expanding from a single office to three. I working on procuring leased Metro Ethernet lines so that they all can be connected. I would like to use pfSense at each site and for each site to have it's own subnet. I'm not entirely sure how to do this though.

    Once the lines are in place, how do I get my main site connected to the satellite sites? I assume I configure the WAN of the remote sites with a public IP given to me by the ISP but then what? I would like all traffic to go out of my main site.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Are these dedicated lines, or will you use a VPN into the main office?

  • They are dedicated lines.

  • If they are true dedicated lines (separate point-to-point line) between your offices, you don't need pfsense on the remote offices. Just take a switch and connect all the remote office's pc, then through the dedicated line connect each of the switches to a separate pfsense interface and assign appropriate subnets.

    If they are the ISP's type of "dedicated" lines (guaranteed bandwidth, no guarantee that it's separated from all of the rest of the network) then you need a VPN.

    Your remote offices will connect to the main office then get out on the internet through that. Look for guides for setting up roadwarrior openvpn and pushing the default gateway to the openvpn clients (remote pfsenses).

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