Captive Portal for IPSec-connected guest network

  • Hi,

    We are running a wifi guest network with a voucher-enabled captive portal at our main site for several months without any problems:

    Internet –- pfSense(Voucher-CaPo) --- Guest-WiFi-MainSite

    Now we got a request from one of our remote sites to establish a voucher-based guest wifi at that location also.
    We now tried to connect the remote guest-networks with a IPSec-Tunnel, but the clients at the remote guest-network will never redirect to the portal's login page - they have immediate access to the internet instead:

    Internet --- pfSense(Voucher-CaPo) =====IPSec-Tunnel===== RemoteFirewall(nonPfSense) --- Guest-WiFi-RemoteSite

    Is there any possibility to force the incoming IPSec-traffic to terminate on the captive portal?
    Did anyone try to do this?

    BTW: I don't like to get any "Install a additional pfSense Box at the remote site"-advices :)

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    i am seeking for the same solution too, can you find any solution for this?


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