100$ to upgrade to mpd5 and add "set eap enable radius-proxy" option

  • Our company have policy to authenticate all outside users by two-factor authentication. In our case - smart card. Everything works well with my "dirty hack" - I replaced legacy mpd 3.18 with mpd5 and made my own mpd.conf file.
    Downside of this - I can not made any changes in pfsense pptp screen, and always keep in mind to manually kill mpd, copy correct config, start mpd from command prompt.

    Everything works well, of course - I did not test all possible configurations, that pfsense community people can made.

    Since Alexander Motin fixed issue with EAP - smartcards works fine.
    Link (in Russian) - http://www.opennet.ru/openforum/vsluhforumID1/76959.html

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