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  • Hi there,
    I would like to secure my wlan using openvpn. I have successfully set up a open vpn server ( and I already configured the open vpn client on my windows laptop( using PKI. The wireless card is OPT1 of my pfesene WRAP box and it is bridged with LAN. Now I can make a connection from the client to the server, initialization finishes and I end up with a DHCP address (from the separate open vpn subnet asigned to my virtual tap device. But there is no traffic going over the open vpn tunnel since the normal WLAN connection is still active.
    I assume it won't work with a bridged device, will it? Do I have to assign a static IP to OPT1 in a different subnet and add a static route?
    I would appreciate your help.

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    If you want to force your clients to send their traffic over the VPN you need to set some custom options:
    Please read the following thread for more infos:,6056.0.html

    read the man pages.
    i think i remember reading somewhere you have to leave the dev1 out if the server is in the same subnet

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