2 NICs - One with VPN,the other without

  • Hi, in the next days I'll,build up my Pfsense system.But I still got a question: Is it possivle to route a VPN connection over NIC1 and the 'raw' internet over NIC2? The idea behind that is, that I want to connect my XBOXOne to my Pfsense router but I rly don't want to get the traffic over a VPN connection.The VPN connection should be only on my WLANAP on NIC1.

    Coax->Modem->Pfsense Router->WANIC,NIC1,NIC2 (so I got 3 Networkcards)
    NIC2-> XBOX,maybe PC later with Switch?

    Thanks and regards


  • when you have 2nic cards, tell openvpn via conf the key word 'local' to be the gateway nic

  • I need to say that the pfsense Router acts as a VPN Client

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