Old bug. which version is expected to be repaired ?

  • Did trie pfsense versions ago and had some problem with this bug


    Today its still same, is its possible to fix this bug ever?



  • The Bug I was referring to is solved in ver 2.2 according to response, thank you. The problem I have is very similar.

    When my son brings home buddies and have LAN the problems with Steam and Counter Strike arises. There are only two computers that can Connecta to Steam servers. The rest of the computers may be little or no connection and hangs.

    I usual uses TP-Link one for me and one for the kids as sub lan and there is no problem.

    but I like pfsense and would like to use those features. I have read and trie diffrent settings that should work but its not.

    Its looks like its just for steam no other games that i know about.

    Do any one recognizes this problem and have a solution or suggestion?

    Regards Kip3r

  • I tried what I could be like you were.

  • @dsekclub:

    I tried what I could be like you were.

    You can log in to steam as a player. But connet a counterstrike server that manages
    the first computer possibly a second computer. To start more computers and connect a counterstrike server, these computers will not be connected without the game freezes, or a message stoped after 10 retries. Closes the first computer that is inside the gameserver, then any of those other computers connects, but not as easily its lookslike there is interference.

    It seems that pfsense can not handle traffic from another router and traffic to Steam Game Servers with out interference. Interference increases as more computers starts.

    Is this a new bug?

    More people with some problem or have solution ?

    Regards Kip3r

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