Why is my WiFi config not working ?

  • Hello,

    I have managed to set up my wifi card using this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0JFfpG4BWI Though no wireless device can discover the router why is this ?

    This is what i see in the dash board


    This is my wifi config


    I do have a PSK though i have covered.


    AMD Athlon X2 64 4400+

    1GB of RAM i think

    160GB hard drive

    Dlink wireless N pcie desktop adapter DWA-556. This is known to work with Pfsense.


    PS sorry for the links  :P

  • Forgive me for not having a solution, but I would like to contribute in regards to having the same problem.  I also have the DWA-556 Wifi card.  My setup is the same as OP.

    There is a power/link light on the back of the card next to the antennas.  This light blinks once per second when the interface is disabled or when the firewall is booting.  But when the interface is enabled, the light goes out completely.  According to the Dlink manual, the light out means it is not ready and of course my Wireless devices cannot find the SSID.

    So is there something we are missing here as far as configuration?  Does anyone have a working configuration with this card?  I have tried various settings on the interface config page and nothing lights up the card.  What are we missing?

    My specs are:
    ASUS P8BV-M motherboard (with 2 built-in NICs)
    Intel Xeon X3220 CPU
    8 GB Ram
    Dlink DGE-560T PCIe 1x Ethernet card
    Dlink DWA-556 PCIe 1x Wifi card.
    320 GB HDD.

  • That also happens with my Dlink card as well.

  • I gave up on the Dlink card and replaced it with a Rosewill RNX-G300LX PCI.  It has the Ralink RT2561S chipset which supports AP mode.  Newegg has it for $8 as of now.  I just now got the card working successfully.  Hope this helps.


  • I also have an old D-Link card in my pfsense box and it's not working either. Everything seems normal but when connecting I don't get through to the internet. Crappy hardware :)

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