Atheros AR9380 Settings for 2.2-ALPHA (amd64)

  • I realize I'm using alpha pfSense ( I wanted newer Atheros Wi-Fi support). Anyways, so far, so good.

    I just wanted to see if anyone had the settings (Channel, Speed and duplex) for the newer Atheros chipsets (i.e. Atheros AR9380). I'm trying to get 802.11n performance, but not getting anything beyond 54.0 Mbps. Not sure if FreeBSD 10 just doesn't have full 802.11n support.

    I'd be happy to test any settings if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks!

  • You can see under :
    that this task is still open :

    Todo #3795: Update hostapd to support 802.11n

  • I have had luck with the Alpha nightly snapshots. I assume you have a working  802.11B/G setup?? For me it was just a matter of changing the dropdown from -G to -N. I assign my antenna port numbers. I setup my pfsense wifi with firewall/nat off and use no wifi encryption. This is the most basic setup i get working and tune it from there once devices are connected.
    I would start with a basic 802.11B setup and work upwards. For fastest speeds i also selected 802.11N only connections. I seem to get an initial connection on wifi status page from 72M-120M but my transfers are consistent with the 72M number. I had to do a lot of channel scanning to find a suitable channel. I live in the city and have dozens of AP nearby so i try and find the unused channels..

  • I see in the comments section that the bug may be fixed correct? The dates are real close to when it started working for me. I have been checking the nightlys frequently.

    "I pushed a patch to enable it, next round of snapshots will have the new binary."

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