• Hello,

    I am wondering if anyone has info (or resources on finding info), about simultaneous dual-band as opposed to just dual-band wireles communication.  Specifically,  is there a difference with regard to Hardware, or is it always software. Perhaps it depends on the particular hardware or software being used? I understand that the wireless card being used needs to have both PHY radios in order to support any kind of dual-band. I have done a few quick google searches, but google is really only as good as the keywords being fed to it. Alas, I have been unable to track down my elusive needle in the ubiquitous haystack called the Internet.

    For what it is worth, I plan to be using an ar9280 atheros chipset card with an APU4 box by Netgate, and of course, ill be running pfSense. I might possibly use an ar5b195 card instead, since I have one of these already on hand.

    Is what I am asking a simple matter of creating 2 VAPs, etc., or is there more to it than that?