Captive Portal Authentication + MAC Address

  • Ive noticed that when you use MAC authentication that once a user is kicked off from being idle when they come back they HAVE to opena  web browser to transparently go to the portal page, authenticate with MAc (transparently) then be forwarded to the redirector page.

    Is there a way such as when someone logs in to their computer to connect to AD that the user authenticates automatically on that TCP port if there mac address is approved?

    That way the non-technical users dont have to think of going to the website to be able to get on and they can check there email or login to AD without any problems.

    Hopefully this makes sense…

  • sorry to bump any possiblity of this being implemented in 1.2?

  • The only way I can see this working for you is to add the ip address of the AD to the "allowed IP addresses" tab under captive portal, but this will allow even unauthenticated users access to the AD.

    You will have to play around with the "from" and "to" option to see which one works as I've forgotten which way worked best.


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