Wifi fast on LAN but super-slow on WAN

  • Got a really strange problem and would appreciate any help.

    PFsense 2.1.4 appliance box
    HP 1810-48G backbone switch
    Cisco Aironet - 2504 wireless controller and 8 access points, mainly 1602's

    When connecting wirelessly and running a WAN speed test I get around 0.02Mbit/s

    Not a problem:
    When connecting wirelessly and running LAN speed test towards a server I get full speed (up to 54Mbit/s depending on coverage)
    When connecting wired and running LAN speed test - 500+Mbit/s (don't think my PC can handle more)
    When connecting wired and running WAN speed test - 97Mbit/s on a 100Mbit link.

    There is a chance the wireless controller has been damaged by thunder, but we don't know that for sure, it's just a theory based on probability due to geographical location and history. The controller is the only thing not connected to a UPS. Before I contact Cisco or the insurance company I want to make sure I haven't done a mistake somewhere. The nagging question I have is "why does it work on LAN then?". If I have made a mistake it ought to be in the PFsense box, like a contradicting rule or similar, why I wanted to post here first of all.

    I've attached the PFsense config if anyone wants to help me take a look. Thanks!

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