WebConfigurator service not running on boot / webGUI not accessible on boot

  • Hi guys, every time my pfsense reboots the webGui is not accessible and I need to login over SSH and press 11 (Restart WebConfigurator). Then the service starts and I the webGui comes up without any problems. I don't recall when that started to happen, it could be even before upgrading to last version.

    Current version: 2.1.4-RELEASE (i386)

    Ay ideas what could go wrong? Anybody else facing something similar?

  • I had the same issues after a fresh setup (cf card died). The system was just booting and starting up webConfigurator fine (factory default config). But after I restored from my config.xml the service did not come up automatically anymore. I traced it back to the fact, that I was restoring a config.xml that was running on a full installation to an embedded installation… maybe that applies to you as well.