OpenVPN fails in 2.1.4

  • Hi!

    In preparation for an Upgrade from 2.0.3 to 2.1.4, I created a copy of my pfSense and upgraded it. Afterwards, the OpenVPN connection no longer works. We authenticate against RADIUS, and the problem seems to be the same as here:

    On the Client, I now get

    There is a problem in your selection of --ifconfig endpoints [local=, remote=].  The local and remote VPN endpoints cannot use the first or last address within a given subnet.  This is a limitation of --dev tun when used with the TAP-WIN32 driver.  Try 'openvpn --show-valid-subnets' option for more info.

    On the pfSense, I see

    Options error: option 'topology' cannot be used in this context (/tmp/openvpn_cc_45a379381855b0bbe4981388dea5948e.tmp)

    The thread above suggests that the Windows Server 2008 R2 RADIUS server has something to do with address assignment? I never set up anything regarding IP assignment there, and it works fine with pfSense 2.0.3.

    What's wrong here?



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