Where is the capative portal login page store

  • hello
    recently I added CP login page with CP error page.
    but it showing error. I just need to delete it.

    could someone tell me where is the CP login and error page contained .

    this really fed up >:( me

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    There really isn't a way to delete those pages.  And looking at the code I don't think just removing the files (from /var/etc) would be what you want either.

    I cleared my custom html by doing this:

    cp /dev/null /tmp/null

    Then selecting /tmp/null as my login and error pages and saving.

    (Mac OS wouldn't let me just select /dev/null and upload it.)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On 2.1.x there isn't a simple way to do this unfortunately. If all else fails you can either upload an empty file, or a copy of the stock page from the code, or download a config backup and edit out the page contents from there and restore it.

    On 2.2 there are buttons to clear the stored custom files so it will be much easier to manage.

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