Slow download speed for iPad Air

  • Hello, a couple days ago I got my WIFI working with a Rosewill RNX-G300LX wifi card in access point mode.  I am running into trouble with my iPad Air.  I have tested with the iPad Air and iPhone 5.  The iPhone is fine.  But the iPad gets very slow download speed, but normal upload speed.  Both devices are on the latest iOS - 7.1.2.

    The OOKLA speed test result for the iPad is Ping 21 ms, Download 0.46 Mbps, and Upload 1.74 Mbps.

    The result for the iPhone is Ping 17 ms, Download 14.79 Mbps, and Upload 1.99 Mbps.

    So for both devices, ping and upload are normal, but for some reason on the iPad, the download speed is crippled.  It almost seems as if it was throttled, but I do not have any traffic shaper rules active on the box.  Screenshot attached for both devices under wireless status.  The 24 is the iPad and the 38 is the iPhone.  As you can see from the rate, iPad is set to 1M speed but I cannot figure out why.

    My wifi interface is setup for 802.11g only, Protection CTS to self, 99 transmit, WPA2 with both TKIP and AES, channel 10, default on all regulatory settings, hidden SSID, pre-shared key, open system authentication, key/master key rotation 3600/7200.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT:  I changed encryption to none and and the iPad started at 36 Mbps and then quickly dropped back to 1Mbps, so basically no effect.  Seems like when the iPad goes to standby, the speed increases according to the wireless status page on pfSense, but when I start using it, the speed goes back down to 1Mbps.

    ![this wifi.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/this wifi.png)
    ![this wifi.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/this wifi.png_thumb)

  • Maybe a stupid question, but how does the ipad behave on other wifi networks?

  • Sorry, I should have mentioned that earlier, I tested with my old Motorola NVG510 router that has built-in WIFI.  I configured it to be equivalent to the pfSense setup - WPA2 PSK, 802.11g, channel 10.

    On the Motorola, the iPad performed normally - ping 17 ms, download 19.93 Mbps, upload 1.99 Mbps.

    So I can confirm the issue only happens on the pfSense setup.

  • Well I managed to fix the problem albeit with one caveat.  I ended up replacing the wireless card again and this time with an Atheros AR5212A chipset.  I found a Mini PCI card on ebay along with a Mini PCI to PCI adapter card.  Took the Ralink out and installed the Atheros.  And what do you know, the iPad has normal speed now as well as the iPhone.  Both are showing 54 Mbps speed in Wireless status and the OOKLA speed test results are normal.

    As for the caveat, the SSID broadcast has to be turned on in order for it to work.  Not too thrilled about that but it is workable for now.

    So as of the latest 2.1.5 release, this setup works but the SSID broadcast must be enabled.  I'll keep the Ralink on hand in case support for it increases in a later release.  I would prefer to hide SSID if at all possible.

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