Getting a pfSense VK-T40E to work with Netgear ProSafe WNDAP350 access point

  • I'm trying to get pfSense to work with a Netgear ProSafe WNDAP350 Access Point and I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing that.  I'm more familiar with managed switches and VLANing and what not with wired ethernet setups than I am setting up wireless access points with pfSense.

    How do I go about getting the access point and pfSense to associate with each other so that pfSense can see all the wireless device IP addresses, handle DHCP for the wireless network(s), and also handle firewall rules and such for it?  As I'm kind of a newbie at this, I'm looking for some assistance here.  If there's a nice guide explaining all this that'd be awesome if you could share it.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Usually that's done by setting up the AP in a bridged mode (or close to it) – As described in general here:

    If you need more specifics on the pfSense end of that, feel free to contact us via your support account rather than here on the forum. I see that you got that setup and registered after you had posted this thread.

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