Wireless and DHCP

  • I was wondering, how do I configure pfsense so that any wireless user grabs a ip address from the same pool as the lan pool. Kinda wanted them to be on the same subnet.

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    You put the wireless device in AP/Bridge mode and plug it into the same LAN behind pfSense.  If you're using a consumer AP, be sure to turn off its DHCP server, etc.

    Most consumer routers can do just fine as an AP if you disable DHCP etc and plug one of the LAN ports into your LAN.  You might have to give it BS WAN port information to get through the web interface but it's harmless.  You simply ignore all the router functionality of the consumer wireless router and just use the wireless to get clients onto your LAN.

    You don't have to do anything to pfSense.

  • Sorry I should of been more clear. I am using a usb Alfa Wireless adapter plugged into my pfsense router.

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    You're just asking for trouble…  Now you have to bridge that adapter with the LAN which is what all the recent "just get a switch" threads are saying is the hard way.

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