Easy OpenVPN question

  • Say I have multiple users with laptops that want to use the windows openvpn client to connect to our central office network.

    How would I go about setting this up in pfsense?

    Currently I have setup an openvpn peer to peer (shared key) setup, but it seems to only allow one user at a time on the network. the VPN tunnel is, however in the client configs I'm using:

    remote pfsense.mydomain.com
    proto tcp-client
    dev tun
    secret static.key
    cipher AES-128-CBC
    keepalive 10 60

  • I've followed this video closely and it works perfectly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvkj0ln4kzI

    However it directs ALL traffic thru my corporate network when connected. Which can be good except when I want to download large files while connected.

    Is it possible to do either of the 2:

    1. Is it possible to direct typical port 80 traffic over the laptop users own personal internet connection while keeping everything else connected to the vpn network?

    2. Is it possible to only direct traffic gears towards my remote subnet of to go thru the vpn only?

    I imagine there is some sort of command to type into the servers config area to make this happen? Or into the individual clients config files?

    I'd like to try and keep netbios broadcasts and such (as if I was actually there) to all work. I want to keep dns working the way it is in this mode as well. I like being able to refer to \server\fileshare to get to my file shares when connected to the vpn

  • meh please delete this thread. I have figured it all out :)

    Thanks though!

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