Captive portal not loading when enabled

  • We use Ruckus Wireless to provide the wireless access though VLAN 141 which is created in our main switch and tagged in our VMWare Host as well as all the APs.

    Couple of days ago, I got to the office and the Captive portal had 0 Users authenticated and DHCP had all the leases as before for the clients.

    We run a hotel and have around 350-600 users online using the captive portal, it was working fine until few days ago, I troubleshoot it the most I could and the only way I got the users to browse the internet is by disabling the Captive Portal service and letting the users without authentication.

    I even got to the point of rebuilding a brand new VM in our host from scratch and still it would not work when captive portal was enabled.

    So I created a new VLAN 145 enabled it to another virtual network adapter in the same VM and tagged it where it was needed and deployed it to only 1 access point in the office for testing. Enabled DHCP with Incredible but true, the captive portal runs and opens under VLAN 145 in the same VM where it does not work with the VLAN 141.

    Under VLAN 141 DHCP offers an IP and captive portal does not opens, under VLAN 145 dhcp offers IP and captive portal loads its login page which I can access without any problems.

    Now When I login into the CP using VLAN 145 and then I change that same VM to the VLAN 141, I can browse the internet because I was already authenticated under the previous login but login page will still not load under this VLAN.

    Nothing has changed under the original VLAN 141 from 1 day to the other it just stopped working. Tested under Versions 2.1.3 & 2.1.4

    le0 = WAN
    le2 - opt1 = AP

    I can get to the access portal hard wired to the switch from VLAN 141, access from the wireless is not possible.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

  • Hard to accept but the problem was never PFSense, I had to delete the WLAN in the Ruckus Controller and created again.

    1 second work took me a week to find out.

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