Optional account?

  • Hello,

    Currently I have 2 subnets each with a captive portal;

    • One is "free wifi" and allows people to connect with a simple clickthrough. A hard timeout of 10 minutes etc. The user can then again log in (as many times as they want).
    • The other uses accounts using the local user manager in pfSense and allows a login with no timeouts.

    Can I merge these 2 networks?
    Have a dual login page where a user can click the button for free access for 10 minutes or choose to login without the 10 minute timeout?

    I have no test environment so before I start "messing up" the Live setup I'd like to know if this is possible - It's not apparent from the settings.

    Good alternatives to achieve free and privileged access on the same network is welcome too - I'd like to stick with the captive portal and do not have managed switches. Nor do I have funds now to invest in any hard/software.

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