Can't connect to Subnets from my Site-to-Site VPN

  • Hi,

    My current Site-to-Site VPN is working fine using IPSEC.

    Site1 Subnet:
    Site2 Subnet:

    Now, I've setup OpenVPN VPN (TUN not TAP) so DEV engineers who works from home can access my servers on Site2 via SSH.

    IPV4 Tunnel Network:
    IPV4 Local Network: My Site1's subnet

    Connecting to my OpenVPN server works fine and I can ping/connect to servers inside LAN including my PFSENSE's box's IP however, I can't ping/ssh any server on my Site2.

    My Firewall Rules for WAN:

    Proto: IPV4 (UDP)
    Source: any
    Port: any
    Destination: WAN Addr
    Port: 1194
    Gateway: Any
    Queue: none.

    My Firewall Rules for OpenVPN

    Proto: IPV4  (any)
    Source: any
    Port: any
    Destination: any
    Port: any
    Gateway: Any
    Queue: none.

    What did I missed?



  • Post your server1.conf and client1.conf.

  • Do I get it right: The openVPN tunnel is to Site 1 and you want to reach through the IPsec tunnel Site 2?

    Why don't you establish the openVPN tunnel directly to Site 2? Just saying…

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    What are the firewall rules on site 2's openvpn interface?  Those determine what hosts at site2 are accessible via openvpn.

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