• Hi, i have installed pfsense version updated with roadwarrior but when the user with laptop session starts with Active Directory, appear me that the  domain is not found. Anybody know how resolve?

  • You have PFsense updated with road warrior and when the laptop starts active directory the domain is not found?????  I'm sure you can imagine how that sounds.  Please re-phrase your question.

  • If I understand the question correctly I would check
    1. Make sure your backend ldap is set up correctly  You can check it under system –> user manager and click the servers tab. 
    For me getting this right was the biggest hassle

    2. Make sure the dns servers in you openvpn server config are in your AD domain.  Otherwise you will have problems.

    Ldap page from my config (sanitized)  change your entries as needed.

    Hostname or IP address = your ldap server
    Port value = 389 
    Transport = TCP
    Peer Certificate Authority = not really use if transport is TCP
    Protocol version = 3
    Search scope = one level  base dn = DC=domainname,DC=com
    Authentication containers = CN=Users,DC=domainname,DC=com
    Extended Query = memberOf=CN=VPNGroupname,CN=Users,DC=domainname,DC=com (I use this because all my vpn users are in a user group in AD)
    Bind credentials = User DN: Password = password (do not use an admin account)
    User naming attribute = samAccountName
    Group naming attribute = cn
    Group member attribute = memberOf

  • Hi thankx i can access to my network from my house, all this no problem. i install with local domain but when i try login to my domain appearme that the domain no found. Is necessary create access with LDAP?

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