MikroTik R11e-2HPnD

  • Howdy all. With the newfound wireless N support so I decided to upgrade my wireless box and got an mini-pcie rig so i need a new radio. Previously i had an Mikrotik R52-350mw radio and it was very good. So i bought the new Mikrotik "R11e-2HPnD" mPCIe board off ebay for 40 some bucks. I wanted the MMCX connectors as those u.fl seem very flimsy. So now i have the radio and software but no antennas. I ordered some pigtails from HK but it will be weeks…I slapped it in my pfsense alpha--Wifi box and pfSense see's the radio and it shows up as AR9300 driver. It is actually AR9580 so i was surprised i got this far. It all seems to work but this no antennas i am stuck.

    Anybody using this mikrotik wifi radio???

  • Going to answer my own post here and let everyone know this card works with the latest Nightly Snapshots 2.2.
    The ebay Item #:181085540710 pigtail is the cheapest i could find.
    The MMCX connector is real robust and did not disappoint.

    So in my testing every single Atheros-N card i have tested has worked with the nightlys in 802.11N AP mode.

    I am currently testing on an Advantech PCM9362 for outdoor deployment.

  • I am kind of compulsive so i bought one of these to test.
    Anybody using it with the 2.2 pfsense tesing snapshots?

    Mikrotik R11e-5HnD
    High power 4920-5920MHz 802.11a/n dual chain wireless card in miniPCI-e format

  • 1W output power :o. Is it still safe for health?
    Microwave ovens work on 2,4GHz as well and this card has 10 times the power which is allowed in EU (example) for indoor wifi

    But thanks for pointing out the possibility :)

  • More power won't make that big a difference anyway - No sense in using a super powerful transmitter.

    Which antenna is used makes a much bigger difference.

  • Obviously those Latvians know how to market to us Yankees….Slap a heatsink on it and sold.

    As a side note i see they just released an 802.11AC version..

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