How to get OpenVPN clients to use specified DNS servers

  • I have multiple OpenVPN clients running simultaneously, including StrongVPN US site, and ibVPN US Site
    Also have two ISP's temporarily at this point

    I need the two OpenVPN services that are USA-bound to use specific DNS servers I have got from the companies - not the DNS servers off my ISP's.
    I am assured by StrongVPN that "if I make this change, access to some US sites will recommence working"

    How do I do this?
    How do I tell what DNS servers these two OpenVPN clients are using right now?

    Under "System" "General Setup", I have the DNS servers of my two ISP's
    Is there some line I can put into the "Advanced Config" box of the OpenVPN client page?

    Any help, or link to review, appreciated


  • To specify which DNS server you want used.  Go to System -> General Setup.  Then add your the DNS server you want used.

    You may also find this useful://

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