How to use OpenVPN for only some traffic e.g specified by PORT or IP?

  • Hi,

    I have successfully setup my OpenVPN (using Private Internet Access VPN) following this tute

    I am happy with it however, I find my speed and ping has been reduced which is expected, so I wish to use OpenVPN on selected IP's &/or Ports on my LAN, leaving the rest of my devices on my LAN to just pass through my WAN interface.

    Can someone please explain how I can do this. I am very new to pfSense (mad noob ;)).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I searched the forum but could only find things going the other way.


  • I was literally just about to post this exact same question! I have a few servers that I need passed through to my regular WAN interface, while pretty much everything else can go through the VPN.

    If there is a firewall that can do this, pfsense is it…now if we could just figure out how to do it? anyone... ;D

  • Have going through the VPN the default and make specific firewall rules that route your traffic elsewhere before the rule that gives you internet.  The computers you want to bypass the VPN should be on static DHCP leases so you can specifiy them in the rule.  Tell me if this response is not detailed enough.

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