Redirect access to Specific IP to Different Gateway

  • Hi,

    The firewall is currently connected to a network that has other gateways.

    Firewall's IP Address is - FW
    Gateway 1 is - GW1

    I have created a rule that would route all access to ip address (orignal ip omitted for security)
    from LAN net to GW1

    when I try to do a tracert, it hops first to GW1 before transferring to the desired IP address.
    connecting PPTP VPN to that ip address also connects properly but disconnects after 60 seconds.

    My question is that does anyone have an Idea why it disconnects in 60 seconds?
    If I set my gateway as GW1 directly, I can connect to the PPTP VPN without any issues.

    GW1 is a router in the same subnet with PPTP pass through enabled. I've tried searching the forum to no avail…

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to update,

    This problem was solved by adding a static Route under system > Routes to the desired IP Address and removing NAT for local net to GW1 and removing NAT for local net to desired IP Address.

    Apparently, if I setup just a static Route, it is overwritten by the Firewall Rules so I have to add a firewall rule that makes sure my static route is met.

    The connection doesn't drop every 60 seconds any more and testing the stability of the VPN connection seems to result in success.

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