Permissions added to All Users group show up on user, but do not work.

  • I am on 2.1.5

    I am trying to make it so that every user I create automatically has access to login to the web interface so they can download their OpenVPN client files (I have the client export package installed).

    My first step is to just grant access to log into the web interface.

    I added the right "WebCfg - Dashboard (all)" to the All Users group and logged in with my test user and got the error "No page assigned to this user! Click here to logout."

    When I added that exact same right to the user directly, the user could login and see the dashboard.

    I created another group called "test" and added the same right to that group, added my test user to the group, and I could log into the web interface and see the dashboard.

    What am I missing?  It appears that I can add rights to the All Users group and the user 'sees" them, they just don't work?

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